Finding inspiration in the past, creating meaning for the present and planning for the future.

A Select List of Clients

•Manoa Valley Cultural Heritage Foundation, Honolulu, Hawaii

•Ackley Heritage Center, Ackley, Iowa

•Littleton Historical Museum, Littleton, Colorado

•Heritage FarmPark, Clermont, Iowa

•Lyman Museum and Mission House, Hilo, Hawaii

•Kona Historical Society, Captain Cook, Hawaii (a client for 11 years)

•Paniolo Preservation Society, Kamuela, Hawaii

•The Farmers' Museum, Cooperstown, New York

•Rancho Los Cerritos, Long Beach, California

•Kern County Historical Society, Kern County, California

•Billings Farm and Museum, Billings, Vermont

•Nebraska Educational Television, Omaha, Nebraska

•Jonathan Donald Productions, New York

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What Our Clients Say About Our Projects:

On Workshops
"Stimulated my thinking for a more serious planning process that incorporates the board, staff, and local community."

"Thank you to everyone! This was the most informative workshop I've attended in 16 years!"

American Association for State and Local History Interpretation workshop participants when Tom Woods and Candace Matelic were faculty.

On Sense of Place as an Organizing Concept

"Using the concept of 'sense of place' will work well . . . . Exploring a personal sense of identity through exploring local history, traditions, artifacts and the environment will make the visitor experience relevant and engaging." National Endowment for the Humanities Grant Reviewer on a project proposal developed by Making Sense of Place, Inc.